Discover the Essence of Authentic Chinese Cuisine at Marubi

Where Tradition Meets Culinary Excellence

We Do Noodles Right

We strive to serve you the freshest homemade noodles, wontons and dumplings in traditional Chinese style.

Traditional & Modern

Our mission is to bring the flavours of China and our food to be loved by both old & new.

Freshly homemade Shanghai-style wontons

Each wonton is folded by hand, making sure there is a perfect balance of delicate thin wrappers and rich, flavorful fillings. These wontons recreate the essence of Shanghai's food tradition, delivering a taste that temporarily takes you to the vibrant alleys of the city with every bite.

Authentic & hand-made

Our wontons are handmade with centuries-old techniques passed down through generations. We ensure that every bite of our wontons is a unique taste of Chinese food heritage.

Individually molded

The secret to a perfect wonton lies withing the small details, and that's why we shape each one individually. This ensures that every wonton has the ideal balance of wrapper and filling.

Tasty and succulent

Our wontons are in a league of their own. The rich, succulent fillings burst with savory goodness, while the thin, tender wrappers provide the perfect contrast.

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We Do Noodles Right

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